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moe. Live at Showbox on 2012-01-27

by moe.

Set I:
01. She Sends Me >
02. St. Augustine
03. It
04. The Ghost of Ralph's Mom
05. Haze >
06. Jazz Wank >
07. Spaz Medicine
Set II:
01. Queen of Everything
02. Billy Goat >
03. Kids >
04. George >
05. The Bones Of Lazarus >

01. Kids
02. Crowd (Encore)
03. Chromatic Nightmare
04. Awesome Gary

Collection moe
Band/Artist moe.
Venue Showbox
Location Seattle, Wa

Source MBHO 603/KA200n (XY Front) + Busman BA-TLS1 (DIN Omni Back) [Decca Tree 1' split, 7' high LOC and SBD]> V3 > 744t >
Lineage 744t > Firewire > Audition 3.0 (Mix, Dither, Fades) > CDWave > TLH Level 8
Taped by Stano
Transferred by Stan Orlowski


Reviewer: ZaPenguin - - November 29, 2012
Subject: Not the greatest moe. show, not the greatest moe. sound, but far from a disaster
With all due respect to DATman, the "why don't you do it yourself" retort is, to put it politely, pretty weak. I'm not a professional mechanic or an engineer, but that doesn't make me wrong when I say a Pinto isn't going to go as fast as a Porsche, or that a bridge made of tin cans and car tires probably isn't the most sensible way of bridging the Mississippi.

While NakedBarky could certainly stand to be a bit more diplomatic, his message isn't wholly without merit. I personally put the blame at the feet of the venues and the soundmen who mix everything to be "larger-than-life" - the current trend is to make everything, especially the low-end, Very Very Loud, No, A Bit Louder, Louder Than That, Okay A Little More Loud. It provides concert-goers with the exciting sensation of feeling the bass in their stomach, but it wracks havoc on pretty much every microphone yet conceived. Factor in that a lot of venues really aren't built to handle rock concerts, and it makes for a real taping challenge.

Now, let me make this clear: From listening to the different recordings of this show, the sound here definitely seems to be a venue problem moreso than gear ignorance. You can even hear the boominess affecting the crowd reverb. As a taper with no access to the soundcheck (and likely absolutely no input if for whatever reason you did happen to gain access), there's unfortunately very little that can be done to compensate for this, short of stringing mics all over the place, crossing your fingers, and hoping for the best - and the vast majority of concert venues would probably frown upon someone bringing a stepladder to a show.

Anyway, the bottom line is that Mr. Stano did the absolute best that could be expected given the circumstances involved, and everything that's in his direct control - track splits, the setlist transcription, and so on - is completely a-okay. I really feel for him as a fellow taper, because no matter how good your gear is, it's always going to be a bit of a crapshoot in the end, and I've definitely pulled my fair share of dud recordings.

As for the show itself, it's basically what the setlist says it is. This is the first show after a month's hiatus, and like many tour kickoffs, the band seems a bit ragged at times. The first set is especially ragged, featuring what is most likely the the single least-interesting, dull version of Haze I've yet heard (with the vocals - formerly delivered in a "disconnected" Bob Dylan meets Skip Spence sorta way - now being sung with a sneering whine that brings to mind Billy Corgan at his most insufferable). Aside from a nice little Jazz Wank, the rest of the first set can be safely skipped over without missing much.

The second set is definitely the more interesting of the two. Kids starts things off on a slightly prefunctory note, and sounds like the band's more focused on making sure they still have all their chops than they are with blowing our pretty little teenaged minds. Which isn't to say it's BAD - Kids is a nice little song, and tonight's version isn't sloppy or anything. However, the version of George it leads into is very high-energy funk, and the Bones of Lazarus is great to hear. A by-the-numbers rendition of the Kids outro leads us into the encores. Chromatic Nightmare isn't exactly the most interesting song the boys have ever come up with, but it's a nice little interlude in its own right. The encores, and the show, close with Awesome Gary - inconsequential but harmless.

Two stars for being a full moe. show, one star for the taper doing everything that can be expected of him, but the boomy sound and dull first set really don't do this one many favors. Depending on the grading curve, I could be inclined to bump things a half-star in either direction. You won't feel swindled out of hard drive space or anything, but there are plenty of better moe. shows to be had.
Reviewer: Flying Spaghetti Monster - - May 2, 2012
Subject: like
second set fire.
Reviewer: wtu_oots - - February 22, 2012
Subject: Anyone who can honestly disrespect...
... a taper like that, really needs to just get off of this site. I haven't tried taping, and I probably won't until I'm retired because it is so difficult, costly and time consuming! The biggest complaint I have about this recording is the fact that the audience seems more interested in drunk conversation than the music...

Grow up or go pay money for soundboard; but either way, please spare us and shut up.
Reviewer: goodvibes242 - - February 21, 2012
Subject: nakedbarkey is dumb
don't listen to the negative comments stano, nice job on this recording.

not that it matters much but for your notes, i'm pretty sure it's kids > lazarus not bones.
Reviewer: allbrosbd - - February 19, 2012
Subject: hey nak-ED
You must have been the guy who pissed on my rig at an ABB Atlanta show in 1995, too much beer pal?

And,was it you who was screaming in my mics all night--so that your stupidity and raw rudeness
is on "my masters" for all time?

And it must have been you, after the 1st song, "Statesboro Blues," screaming Whippin' Post
into my ear and the recording being ed-idioted out.

We tapers are not given our due respect, we aren't paid for this, but we all want to share, since it is all about community--but I think I'll leave you out.
Reviewer: twatts - - February 17, 2012
Subject: nekked
Naked: where are your tapes/masters??? I'd love to hear your results to how its supposed to be done...
Reviewer: DATman714 - - February 5, 2012
Subject: Dear Barky
Tell ya what Nakedbarky = seeing as though you are SOOOOO on top of thangs, do the following:

1) Invest thousand of dollars in recording equipment

2) Record a moe. show or ten

3) Post them here

4) Show us all how it should be done

Outside of that happening (FAT chance), quityerbitchin & appreciate that shows are SO readily available so soon after they occur. Either that or stick to pre 2004 soundboards & save us all your "qualified" opinion...

Now crawl back into your hole of negativity so we can all get on with our lives - MUCH enjoying the fruits of the much esteemed taper communities efforts!

Reviewer: Joyfulsound69 - - February 5, 2012
Subject: naked you suck balls
listen to 12-30-12 and suck on some balls. how could you say any thing negative to someone who pays money for the show; and then spends his time recording a show for our enjoyment later.
Reviewer: NAKEDBARKY - - February 4, 2012
98% OF THE MOE. audience recordings i have heard are very disappointing and not just on this site.The fact that the band allows taping and the advancement of technology most of the recordings should be listenable and most of the are not.I am inclined to think that the majority of the people who are doing the recording A don't care how there pulls come out B don't really know there equipment C Are in denial and think they are killin it or D are completely blotto on the chemical d jour
by moe.
Source: MBHO 603/KA200n (XY Front) + Busman BA-TLS1 (DIN Omni Back) [Decca Tree 1' split, 7' high LOC and SBD]> V3 > 744t
by moe.
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